25 August 2012

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary ...

Fruits and flowers. That's the traditional gift for four years of marriage. We had a low key anniversary this year since we just got back from Hawaii the week before. The perfect place to see beautiful flowers and eat yummy fruit.

Friday morning I got up with Justin bright and early to make him breakfast before he went to work. Strawberry pancakes were on the menu. Keeping up with the theme of the day.

I went back to sleep, but woken up only a few hours later to Justin home early. We ran a few errands and did a little shopping. Bought more baby things, since they were too cute to pass up.

We had dinner at one if my favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot. It was delicious as usual and we even got a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries to take home as an anniversary gift.

23 August 2012

Hawaii ...

Last week we were in Paradise, AKA Maui. It was absolutely beautiful. Our good friends, Jorge and Jessica, were getting married, so we made a whole trip out of it. We left Saturday late night and came home the following Saturday. It was the week before our fourth year wedding anniversary, so we decided to make it a anniversary trip as well. It worked out perfect since year four is flowers and fruits. What other place has the prettiest flowers and the yummiest fruits. Hawaii was the perfect location. Aloha!

Sunday ...

We arrived in Hawaii at 6am bright and early. Thankfully I slept most of the way on the plan. Las Vegas to Honolulu was packed to the gills, but our small plane from Honolulu to Maui only had two dozen people. We all could of had our own windows.

We traveled with our friends Shawn and Krissy, since we were sharing a two bedroom condo. After getting our bags and rent a cars they took us to this apartment complex that had a tiny restraraunt called the Gazebo. It was overlooking the water and only had a dozen tables. We waited in line for almost 45 minutes, but it was well worth it. I had peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast and Justin had white chocolate macadamia nut We stuffed ourselves and headed to the beach for a bit.

We did a little exploring before checking in. Once we checked in, we did some grocery shopping for breakfast and lunch stuff to fill up our kitchen. Our condo was amazing with a capital A! The beach was only a few steps downhill and boom you were there. We were a little more North in Kapalua, so it wasn't do touristy, which was so nice.

OCD me unpacked all our clothes and put them on hangers and re-arranged the furniture.

Our breakfast carried us through to dinner time and we headed to Front street (main drag in Lahiana) we had a great dinner at Fleetwoods. My baked chocked was like Thanksgiving turkey. We called it an early night and turned in before we all passed out from exhaustion.

Monday ...

We woke up bright and early and had breakfast on our porch. Within 45 minutes we were on the beach. The boys snorkeling and us girls enjoying the sun rays. The beach was steps from our condo and always had the bare amount of people, which was perfect. It was quiet and peaceful.

After a few hours us girls started snorkeling and we even took put our paddle boards. The wind picked up a bit so it was a little choppy, but it was good practice time to getting used to the snorkels.

After showering Justin and I wanted to take the Jeep and do a little exploring. We came up to some really neat spots away from all the touristy locations.

After freshening up we had our date night out. We headed down to front street and had dinner at Kimos. My parents told us it was a must. That they loved it when they went last year. Our reservation was at 6:30 right when the sun started to go down. We had a table right at the edge over looking the water and sunset. Justin had the kimo cut prime rib and I had pai pai fish made with orange ginger and macadamia nuts. The food was out of this world. I tried the prime rib and It was by fare the best ever. The fish was so fresh and fell apart. We finished with a hula pie for dessert and pregnant me almost ate the entire thing.

We went through a few shops before we left. Our food comas kicked in and our bed was calling our name.

Tuesday ...

We wanted to take Shawn and Krissy were we explored yesterday. We stopped at Honolua, which was a beautiful cove with crystal blue waters. From the cliff above you could see the bottom of the ocean and all the reefs. At the bottom it turned into a jungle with the greenest trees and vines.

We hiked a little bit off a dirt road and found a secluded beach that was just paradise. Justin even caught a crab with bulging eyes.

Farther down the road the cliffs and road became red and we even found a blowhole. Every wave that came in pushed the water through and right up in the air. It was so neat watching.

We headed back to freshen up for the rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal was a breeze so we headed right over to the plantation house where they were hosting our dinner. It was beautiful. Right on the golf course and when we walked in we got a lei and a a pineapple drink. Mine virgin of course.

Wednesday ...

Jessica spent the night at our condo, so we tried sleeping in as much as possible. And that only lasted til about eight o'clock. Jessica wrote her vows and we put together the cutest favors and then headed to the spa to lay in the sun a little bit before we had to get ready.


All of us girls were running around getting our hair and makeup done for the wedding. We only were about fifteen minutes late jumping into the limo, which wasn't too bad.

The wedding was one of the prettiest I've ever been to. The setting was amazing and the officiant was total Hawaiian.


Thursday ...

The new Mr. and Mrs. Bertran were taking everyone zip lining, but unfortunately I was unable to. Instead they booked me at the Kapalua Spa for a pre-natal massage. It was heaven. I was so relaxed afterward like I was floating on a cloud. Justin opted out of zip lining to spend the rest of the day with me.

Justin and I headed to the Maui Ocean Center for a few hours. We got to see a six week old sea turtle up close and then a shark feeding.

After the aquarium we headed to Front street to do a little shopping and to see the massive trees in the square. It was unbelievable how one hug tree has grown into a massive colony.

That night after having a quiet dinner at the condo, we headed down to the beach to explore at night. The tide was down and made tide pools on one side of the bay. We climbed the rocks and walked out a bit. We saw so many crabs, a few fish, and even an eel. Back on the beach we walked up and down. and of course Justin liked to provoke the crabs. On the way back we saw a large crab half buried in the sand sleeping. Justin poked it and woke up, scurried away five feet and then turn around to attack me! I had to run away from an angry crab on the soft sand in flip flops for almost 15 feet!


Friday ...

We woke up bright and early, 3am to be exact, to make the track to Haleakala volcanic crater. The road winded back and forth up to 10,000 feet above the clouds. I'm glad we bundled up and brought a blanket from the room. It was freezing! We made it just in time, within ten minutes the sun rises above the clouds. It was absolutely amazing. They call it the house of the sun. The legend has it that Haleakalā was home to the grandmother of the demigod Maui. His grandmother helped him capture the sun and force it to slow its journey across the sky in order to lengthen the day.


Once we got back to our condo, we got ready for the day. Justin and I headed out to do a semi-submarine ride. Half the boat is above the water then the other half is below and lined with windows. They put two divers in the water and brought things they found to the surface. We had one sea turtle make an appearance with a whole bunch of pretty fish and coral.

The harbor was right by front street and they were having a farmers/arts and craft market in the square. We did a little shopping, but then Justin got pooped on by a bird. It caused a good laugh and I reminded him it was considered good luck.

We then changed and headed to the beach to do some more snorkeling. We went to a different cove where the water was smoother. I made a friend with a pufferfish that followed me around. I couldn't believe how many fish were swimming around and how close they were. They did freak me out a bit with my phobia of fish and all. Justin swam with me and held my hand, so it wasn't so bad. there was one sting ray swimming around that was 4 feet long. Right when I got out a 5 foot sea turtle came right up the shallow area. to say hello. I wish we would of gotten some pictures, but we ran out of room on our underwater camera.

We had dinner at this cute pizza place right smack on the beach. Their lobster pizza was to die for. We had one of the prettiest sunsets that night.

Saturday ...

Our last day in Maui. My lower back was hurting again, so Justin surprised me with another pre-natal massage at the spa. This time I had it outdoors, over looking the water in one of their cabanas. The breeze and sound of the waves was amazing. He even splurge and bought me a nice comfy spa robe to take home.

After my massage we checked out and stopped at our favorite shaved ice hut for one for the road.

Our plane from Maui to Honolulu was packed in and so was our plane from Honolulu to Las Vegas, but we upgraded to the bulkhead and had the front row of business class. Not as nice as first, but more head and leg room than coach. Completely worth the money.

It was bittersweet coming home. It was sad leaving paradise, but wonderful sleeping in our own bed and to see our puppies. We can't wait til next time to explore a different island.

06 August 2012

Jessica's Bacholorette Party ...

I had Jessica's Bachlorette party on the Sunday before Hawaii. We all went to Tony and Tina's Wedding at Ballys. We were taken to our assigned table and everything was set up just like a real wedding reception. Tables with assigned numbers, the wedding party roaming around, waiters, etc. We were seated at our table and all of a sudden a member of the wedding party escorted another guy to our table. Come to learn this guy was the brides ex-boyfriend (Michael), who is still madley in love with Tina. Salad and Appetizers were served as the ceremony started. And poor Michael was so down in the dumps.

After the ceremony, the reception started and it was dinner time. Michael disapeared to the bar, it seemed most of the wedding party was at the bar. There was a dj and host to the party, and they all were just a riot. Throughout the night was all of the traditional wedding traditions. Dancing, bouquet, garter, toasts, there was even a photographer going around taking pictures of all events. Both these families were drinkers and loved having a good time. By now Michael had his shirt open and his tie wrapped around his head. The groomsmen were shirtless and one couple were even fighting. There was so much going on, it was difficult to keep track of everyone. It was a fantastic show, We laughed all night long.