23 March 2013

16 March 2013

Mt. Charleston ...

The weather was absolutly beautiful the other day, so we headed to Mt. Charleston for lunch. I brought my new Nikon camera to test it out on the scenery. This picture is just one reason I love my new camera! No editing needed!

15 March 2013

Ear Piercing ...

The other day, Justin and I were walking around the outlet mall and came across a sign in a jewlery store window that read "ear piercing." We walked in and started talking to one of the sales associates and asking countless questins. FInally after fifteen minutes of deliberating and going back and forth to whats the right choice, we decided to get Mary's ears pierced. Justin held her while the lady marked her ears and then one, two, three, her ears were pierced. She did so good, and only cried for less than a minute. The final conclussion? She looks absolutly adorable!


14 March 2013

Mr. February ...

Last Friday, Justin had a luncheon because he made the top ten nominees for February's employee of the month. This was his second time making top ten, and I was so proud of him. We arrived at the designated time and Justin was wisked away for pictures. Before lunch all the nominee bosses gave speeches about their nominees and then lunch was served. And might I say it was delicous! After dessert and coffee, They were to announce the winner. Once the presenter opened up the envelope and read, to himself, the winner he started giving hints like, well the winner defiantly fits the height requirement and fits into our theme today (the theme was nascar) When he finally said Justin's name, our whole table woohooed. He couldn't believe it. He was presented with one of the big cardboard check and more pictures were taken. They used to give the winner a trip, but now it's saved for the employee of the year. But he did win a few really cool baskets and giftcards.

Now we get to look forward to the employee of the year gala! It's fancy smancy and MGM goes all out with a red carpet and step and repeat. They will take Justin to get a new tux/suit, which means I get to go shopping for an evening dress, get my hair and nails done too. Even to make it even more fancy, we will get picked and dropped off in a limo. I can't wait for this date night. Good Lucky Hubby!

02 March 2013

Asking Godparents ...

We want to ask my sister, Kimberly and Justin's cousin, Sean to be Mary's Godparents, but we wanted to do it in a cute way. I came up with framing the question and taking a picture of Mary holding it. The first go around didn't come out too good. She was a little cranky and I started too late, so the lighting wasn't the best. Today I started nice and early and I think they came out pretty good considering Mary was still a little cranky.