31 August 2009

Little Ladybug ...

Nerissa and I threw Robyn and baby Isabella a baby shower. Little ladybug baby shower. She is the last of the five babies being born this summer. We had a great turnout and Nerissa and i did a pretty darn good job throwing this baby shower, if i do say so myself. We even made ladybug rice krispy treats. Here is a group shot of everyone that made it. (minus Justin, he is taking the picture) This is the second baby shower this summer that our gift was opened seventh. Tabitha's shower it was all by chance, but Robin made sure that our gift was seventh at her shower, thanks Robin for trying to make me a mommy. I only have two people on my "baby free" train. Everyone else is on the baby train.

29 August 2009

1st Wedding Anniversary ...

Monday(24th)was our first wedding anniversary, so we wanted to get a little time to ourselves. We drove up to Mesquite for three days and two nights. We had a couples masaage booked for Tuesday and all we wanted to do was just relax and do nothing. and that is exactly what we did.

The last day we drove around the city and just did a little exploring and we came across the mesquite animal shelter. We decided to look at the kitties, and there she was 6 week old 1.6 pound molly. i fell in love with her. Justin didnt hesitate and got her for me. Their adoption fee is $15 dollars only. We just have to go back in January to get her fixed by their doctor so we dont have to pay for it ourselves.

20 August 2009

Lee Canyon ...

We decided Wednsday that we were goin to take the dogs up to lee canyon and do a trail that we usualy do on our mountain bikes. its three miles up and then three miles down. We only did half and not the full six miles. The dogs loved it because no one else was up there so they could just roam free off their leashes.

17 August 2009

Welcome To The Family ...

Congradulations to Sean and Marsha
Loryn Harley Peterson
August 14th 2009