24 June 2012

Mickey Mouse Apples ...

Yesterday my girlfriend Alyssa came over for lunch and to make Disneyland's yummy Mickey Mouse caramel apples. This is one item I always have to get whenever we make a trip to Disneyland.

Step 1: Piercing the granny smith apples with sticks.

Step 2: Melt caramel and dip apples fully. Two marshmellows glued with icing makes the ears.

Step 3: After caramel cools, dip full apple and ears in melted chocolate.

Step 4: Let chocolate cool, then spread vanilla icing on bottom half of apples and cover with red sprinkles. Place two yellow M&Ms to makes the bottons on Mickey Mouse's trousers.

A spread out cupcake liner makes the perfect holder to a single Mickey Mouse apple.

09 June 2012

Backyard Planting ...

Last weekend we made a few minor changes in our backyard. Since we bought the house in 2008 there has been a tree right outside our familr room window that has been on that fine line of being alive or dead. I've tried and tried bringing it back to life, but i've finally admited defeat.

We went to Lowes and bough a few different plants. I kinda had my heart set on flowers, but we saw a few different fruit plants that caught our eyes. We ended up with a Lime, Lemon, Orange, and Pomegranate. Some of them already have a few butts and or actual fruit already growning. Cross your fingers and maybe I can whip up some fruit salad in the future.

05 June 2012

Citizens Police Academy ...

Justin has been going through Metro's Citizen Academy for the past few weeks. He's had classes about tazers, K9 dogs, SWAT, gun training, and even toured the detention center. Last week was his favorite, he had his ride along. The officer he was partnered with was really nice and treated Justin like his partner for the night. They had a very eventful night filled with domestic violence calls, arrests, people on drugs, and fights. The whole next day he couldn't stop telling stories and what they did. He already wants to sign up for another ride along.