06 January 2014

Christmas ...

I can remember being excited for Christmas as a kid. That feeling of the best day of the year finally arriving. So excited for Santa. I got that same feeling this year for Mary. I couldn't wait for her to wake up and see the presents under the tree. Of course that's the one day she slept past her usual 10 am wake up. Justin and I enjoyed our coffee and watched the Disney holiday parade on TV while we waited. When she finally woke and came down stairs, her eyes lite up. She knew exactly what those wrapped presents were. (She's had a lot of practice from her birthday and grandpa giving her presents to open early.)

Christmas Eve ...

Christmas Morming ...

Christmas Day ... 

Santa made a special stop after dinner to visit with Mary, but she wasn't having it. There was no crying, just screams of pure terror. 

05 January 2014

IOW Gala ...

Last night was MGM internationals gala. All the employee of the year honorees and nominees were there for all properties. It was amazing how they transformed the arena. We got to get all dressed up and even walked the red carpet. 

Wayne Brady was the host of the night. He did his improve and was hilarious! 

There was even a performance from cirque de solei Michael Jackson. 

Hubby was on stage! Can you find him? 

Dinner was super fancy. My favorite was defiantly the dessert. I mean come on, it glowed! 

To top off the night there was a surprise concert. TLC featuring lil Mama. To be honest their new stuff was no good, but I did love hearing all their old hits!

02 January 2014

EOY Lunch ...

Last month was Justin's lunch for the announcement of employee of the year. He didn't win but did win best red carpet pose! He even got a gold lion trophy! 

For the cherry on top, there was a surprise for all runner ups ... A free vacation! Including time off and spending money! 

Tomorrow is the big gala. A fancy dinner and surprise concert! I can't wait to get all fancy for a really fun night to come.