26 September 2009

Stephanie's Birthday ...

Justin took me to California for my 25th Birthday. We headed to Huntington Beach for our first day, where we met up with Bianca and Brandon. We had a few drinks at freds and then headed to the beach. The boys rented boogy boards and did that most of the time while Bianca and me enjoyed the sun. The boys finally got us out deep in the water and we tried boarding. I actually caught and road a pretty good wave all the way to the shore, but then missed a lot too.

We then headed to Anaheim and check into the Candy Cane Inn. I love this hotel, everyone is so nice and its so quaint. There is ivy and flowers growing everywhere. After a quick shower we headed down to Downtown Disney and enjoyed the outdoors music and shops.

Then the next day we enjoyed the hotels complimentary breakfast, mmm oatmeal with sliced friut and a bagel. and headed to Disneyland. Since it was my birthday I got into the park for free and got my own happy birthday button with my name on it. 31 cast members wished me a happy birthday throughout the day. Since all the little tikes were in school and it was middle week, the park was deserted. I dont think we waited anymore than twenty minutes for a single ride. Of course we went on all the rides and we even found secrets a long the way. I never knew you could actually go up into Sleeping Beauty's Castle. If we ever have a girl I know exactly where im taking her. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, its a salon for little girls to be transfered into princesses. They do hair and makeup with glitter and little crowns. It was so adorable. We even found a surname shop. We ordered our family crest and family history that will be printed framed and then shipped to us.

Anyways it was a wonderful vacation and birthday, thank you to my handsome husband.

14 September 2009

Suprise ...

I got off work yesterday headed to Marietta's house, where Justin was already. They said they had a suprise for me. It was an early birthday present. I opened both of my cards and then removed the pink tissue paper to find our itinerary to disneyland, One of my most favorite places! We are staying at the Candy Cane Inn (which i absolutly love) The whole place is decorated with ivy and roses, it just has the warmest homey feeling when you walk in. Plus we are making a detour at Huntington Beach to enjoy the sun, ocean, beach, and of course lunch at Ruby's. I cant wait to celebrate with my hubby and mickey mouse!