30 March 2011

Photo Shoot ...

Yesterday I was apart of a photo shoot at my work. They are doing kinda like a commercial advertising on what there all is to to do while staying at the MGM. At the spa we have a signature treatment called the dreaming ritual, which is a 120 minute tribal-inspired service that begins with a foot soak and proceeds into an exfoliation, body mask, and scalp treatment with indigenous healing elements from Australia. We basically had to act out the service on the actors while the film crew captured their reactions and us performing the service. It defiantly was an experience i'm glad I was apart of. Now just waiting to see how it turns out.

28 March 2011

Earth Hour ...

Last night we remembered it was earth hour right at 8:30, so we decided to take a drive on the 215 and see how the strip looked all dark. We got on a Decatur and headed east, so we could get the best view, right after we past Aliante Parkway, we can see the entire valley. The strip looked really creepy and spooky without anylights. All you could see was the blinking red lights that all the building have to have for air traffic. Now we know what it would be like if the strip mysteriously dissapeared.

This picture isn't the greatest. I didn't think to take an actual camera with us, i just grabbed my cell phone and jetted out the door with hubby. But it gives you a little idea what the valley would look like with out our famous strip.

17 March 2011

Finger Meanings ...

I stumbled upon this website from a friend, and I liked the ancient Chinese philosophy of finger meanings.

Leon Mege - The Art of Platnium

•The thumb represents your parents
•The index finger represents your siblings
•The middle finger represents yourself
•The ring finger represents your life partner
•The little finger represents children

If you close your hands, with all your fingers tip-to-tip except the middle fingers, which you bend inside you will be able to:

•Open your thumbs: your parents are not destined to live with you forever.
•Open your index fingers: your siblings are going to leave you to have their own life and family.
•Open your little fingers: your children will also settle someday with a family of their own.
•Finally, try to separate your ring finger. You can't do it, since as a husband and wife; you are destined to be together forever

Unfortunatly there is however, a less romantic and more anatomic explanation for this:

All of the other fingers have two extensor tendons, while the ring finger has just one. All four fingers have the extensor digitorum communis that straightens the fingers. The small finger has the extensor digitorum minimis and the index has the extensor indicis proprius. The ring finger does not have a secondary tendon

16 March 2011

Butterfly Kisses ...

I went today to see Gina at Cristophe to get my eye lashes extended. I absolutly love them. They last 6-8 weeks and I don't even have to wear mascara. I'm defiantly keeping these up, I can't believe how natural they look. I can go swimming, jump out of a plane, or even do cart wheels !!! lol okay, I may not do all of those, but seriously these are amazing.

11 March 2011

Castle at Dawn ...

This video was shot in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle continuously from 6:30 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. I love how you can hear so many birds and the music from Snow White's Wishing Well.