29 July 2012

LVMPD Citizens Academy ...

Last Wednesday Justin graduated from Metro's Citizen Police Academy. He went through a 12 week training program that is the same information that the police recruits and officers take for in-service classes.

The program first started under the direction of then Sheriff John Moran in 1991. The program has become one of the most popular and now has a waiting list of two years. There is only two programs a year consist of about two dozen people.

Justins' next step is getting through his interview and the rest of the processes to start volenteering for Metro.

Getting his diploma from Sheriff Gillespie

His instructors

28 July 2012

Justin Turns 27 ...

On the 24th was Justin's 27th birthday. This year our big Hawaii vacation falls right in between both our birthdays, so we have decided to have low key birthdays this year. We both had to work on Tuesday, but had the evening together. Justins choice for his birthday dinner was blue box mac and cheese and the evening entertainment was us watching Act of Valor. It was just a nice mello night with just the two of us.

16 July 2012

Mt. Charleston ...

My Uncle is visiting for the weekend and we decided to heaqd up to Mt. Charleston Lodge for some lunch since there was a break in the storm clouds and was looking like a pretty nice day. The weather was beautiful, sun peeking in and out of the clouds and a nice soft breeze.

After lunch we headed to Lee Canyon and rode the chair lift up and down. I was really different with no snow on the ground. They had a live band playing music at the bottom my the bar and grill, so the music followed us up the mountain. Coming down the mountain the view was amazing. It was a nice little getaway.

15 July 2012

It's a GIRL ...

Thursday we had our 20 week ultrasound. We were bursting with excitment to find out the sex of baby. I can't believe we waited this long and not go to an ultrasound specialist earlier. We picked up my mom to join us and headed to the doctors office. While in the waiting room my mom started a group text to be ready that read "It's a ___. " And right when we would find out she was going to type in the rest and send. But she accidently hit send instead of save and half a dozen people that were waiting got a little tease. My dad was in and out of meetings and kept text "boy or girl." "boy or girl."

The ultrasound tech had a little trouble at first. Baby had legs crossed and was sleeping. Luckily I carry gummy bears in my purse, ate those, and the sugar perked baby right up. She got a great view and voila! It's a GIRL! All Justin and I could do was look at each other and smile with tears in our eyes. My mom squealed and got to texting 1,2,3. The tech did all the health checks and we even counted all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Baby is 100% healthy and my second batch of blood work came back normal.

The short ride from the doctors office to the Cracked Egg our three phones were ringing and dinging off the walls. There was so many people we wanted to tell and share. My mom and I barley even had an appetite and had to force ourselves to eat breakfast. After breakfaast we headed to Babies R Us to register for our registry. We decided on a lamb theme for the nursery, there was so many cute options. I think I went back and forth about three times. The three of us spent almost four hours shopping. At the end we got sucked in to the clothes and of course we couldn't leave empty handed. 

The following day while I was driving to work it was rainy but the sun was trying to peak through the clouds. Right in front of me was a beautiful full rainbow and I couldn't control myself and just started crying. It was a reminder that Marietta was there and looking down at us. She would of been delighted for a little Granddaughter and I just wish she could be here with us to share these happy moments.

08 July 2012

Cinderella's Glass Slippers ...

I just recently saw the new Christian Louboutins. I'm not a heel girl, but i'm in love. They were designed after Disney's Cinderella's glass slipper. The movie emerges from out of the vault this fall and these heels were designed to celebrate.

07 July 2012

Happy 4th of July ...

We had a really nice fourth this year. The entire family had a cookout at my parents house. It's always a good time when we all get together. We had a mound of fireworks to go through. The ladies had our chairs lined up on the driveway and then men were a little more daring with their chairs down at the end by the road.

We had some Roman candles and the men were the only ones that were daring enough to light them off. My dad, Hubby, Kimy's boyfriend and friend lined up and shot them off down the street at once. Only a few close calls with some trees, but nothing burned down. So it worked out okay.

My parents had their American flag hanging by their side garage port since it was raining outside. It made the perfect backdrop for pictures with the family.

01 July 2012

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Flores ...

Yesterday we attended Pablos wedding at International Church of Las Vegas. It was a lovely ceremony with an equal lovely bride. I never get tired of attending weddings and seeing how much two people are in love.

The reception followed right after and was filled with all kinds of white twinkling lights. Right after dinner the music started and everyone was on the dance floor. Myself and the other ladies were up and dancing while the men sat and talked. Sooner than later we got the men up and dancing salsa with us. It was so much fun, but defiantly took the wind out of me. Talk about a work out. We slept very well that night.