27 October 2013

Painting Pumpkins ...

This year we opted out of carving pumpkins. Instead we decided to paint them. Of course I went the more crafty cute route and Justin went the more dark Halloween route. 

26 October 2013

McKee Ranch ...

We've never been to McKee ranch, but always have seen friends posted about it. This past Wednesday we got the family together and head out for the ranch. Mary loved all of the animals, but just wasn't yet ready to feed them herself. 

But she was ready for a pony ride. She kept rocking back and forth to make her pony go faster. She loved it!

Of course my momographer loved all of the photo-ops around every corner. 

23 October 2013

21 October 2013

K9 Trials ...

Yesterday We went to the 23rd annual K9 trial that LV Metro puts on. There was officers from all around the country and even one from Mexico. It was Mary's first time and she absolutely loved all the puppies. 

Auntie Kimmy even bought her a miniature stuffed German Shepherd puppy. She didn't let go one moment of the day. 

16 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch ...

Yesterday was Justin's Friday so we usually will go out for dinner. On our way we past a pumpkin patch (that has a petting zoo) on the way to dinner. After dinner we decided to take Mary, so we could take her to the petting zoo. She absolutely love the sheep and goats. We fed them and then just sat on some hay while they would come up and say hello and a few pats. Mary would stick out both her arms as to give them a hug and grunt. I think she thought they were just like her puppies at home. We spent almost a half an hour just playing with the animals. She loves it. 

12 October 2013

House Paint ...

Last Monday we hired a guy to paint the outside of our house. We bought the house over five years ago and it's slowly started to show wear and tear. The paint just started to look dirty. We bought the same paint from Frazee that they originally used to paint the house in 2006. It took about three days, and it came out fabulous! 

I love how our house always looks like it's winking at you. Now I can finally put up our outside Halloween decorations. 

11 October 2013

Gilcrease Orchard ...

We have always drove by the Gilcrease Orchard and each time we say we are going to go there, but never do. Finally this year we came through. We wanted to go early so there was plently of pumpkins to chose from. My parens and Auntie Barb joined us for Mary's first pumpkin picking. She wasn't too sure of the dirt or plants. All she wanted to do was chew on the tiny green pumpkins.

We drove around to the other side and picked some squash and zuchinini. My dad even found a handful of green beans. We were dissapointed when the lady told us there was no more apples. My mom and I were going to make some homemade applesauce. But there's always next time.

I think we are going to try and go there more often for the fresh fruit and veggies. We live so close, and off the vine is so much better.


02 October 2013

Fall ...

Yesterday was October 1st. In my mind that's when fall starts. That's the day I get to crawl into the attic and get up all my Halloween decorations. Pumpkins, orange leaves, and spiders oh my. The weather is finally cooling and there's pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, anything and everything with pumpkin! 

We headed to party city to get a head start on Mary's costume. We decided on a cute little lamb costume. What else would we of chosen. Mary had a little lamb! duh. lol. We tried it on and it's absolutely adorable! We even found a cute skeleton pj set with hood. Bonus! It glows in the dark! 

Mary loves the pumpkin pails that you use for trick or treating. We had an orange one from past halloween and so we bought her a cute pink one too. And of course we ended up collecting all the colors soon after. Greg bought Mary a green, blue, and purple pumpkin pail. She lives putting her toys in them and dragging the pails around the downstairs.