29 March 2010

Investment Property ...

We have started our search for our investment property today. Started looking at condos and townhouses. After our realtor took us around to about a handful of places we have decided its just a better investment to purchase a townhouse instead of a condo. We found some real nice units over on 95 and Durango-ish, we have decided to put in a offer and see, but still keep looking around. We have a lot of options since it will be a cash deal. I do have to say its not as fun as buying a house for you to live in yourself.

27 March 2010

Tick Tock ?

It's funny how people talk about their biological clock. I never even gave mine a second thought. I can't even consider myself old. I'm only turning 26 this year. But I dont' know what it is but babies have been on my mind. My husband has wanted to start a family ever since we got married in 2008, and I always wanted to wait. I don't know if its from the loss of my mother-in-law or all the babies around me, but i have the baby itch. We have had countless friends have babies or expecting babies, including family members. But never saw us having children anytimes soon. But it seems like have done a whole turn around in the last few months. Maybe death makes you move around your priorities cause you just never know.

25 March 2010

Welcome Hunter Joseph ...

Welcome to the family !
Hunter Joseph
March 25th 2010 1:25pm
8pounds 5oz 21inches

20 March 2010

Wallner Tooling ...

P.S. I can't even count how many drives I have been on coming back from California. And every time on the 15 we drive by Wallner Tooling. I always try to take a picture and it always turns out horrible, but not this time :)

Quicky Vaca ...

Last minute trip anyone? Yes please, sign the Hansons up. We decided to drive to Huntington Beach on Monday and Anaheim (Disneyland) on Tuesday. The weather was absolutly perfect and crystal clear. Just a tad busy cause some states had spring beak, but it was so nice getting out of state.

We of course stayed at Candy Cane Inn, Its the cutest hotel in the world. Plus you can have a tastey candy cane no matter what time of of year.

Huntington Beach was so nice and peacful with a beautiful sunset. We found a lost dog flyer for Bambie and I hope she finds her way back home. The picture of her was super cute.

Disneyland was fab as usual. I ate my usual: giant pickle, corn dog, ice cream, and frozen apple juice. Had to go shopping at Basin in Downtown Disney and stock up. So excited the Lady said that their candles are coming back! Oh Ya!

The drive back was soso. I got a migrain and then when delusional half way home. Once got home my phone dropped in the toilet and is no longer avaliable to do anything. Justin called Sprint the next morning to open an insurance claim but the nice lady told him that i was up for an upgrade, so he woke me up to pick out a new phone. I have had my Blackberry for only a few days and i'm already addicted. But it has been a good week. Looking forward to doing absolutly nothing our next few days off.

Winter Snow ...

We decided to take the dogs to Lee Canyon a few weeks ago to have fun and play in the snow. Jager absolutly loved it where Max was a little skeptical. But he was so cute hopping like a bunny rabbit in the snow. It was nice to get out of the city with just our little mini family.