30 November 2012

Our Baby Story ...

My last doctors appointment was November 21st and my doctor gave us the option of being induced the next evening. Baby was extremely low, causing me to be very uncomftorable and my cervix was not moving down like it was suppost to be. The only catch was that we would have to move the birth from Centennial Hills Hospital like we planned to Summerlin Hospital. We decided that it would be best for me to be induced. Plus we would have some time to get ready and be prepared.

The morning of the 22nd, Thanksgiving, we woke up a little anxious. So Justin decided it would be a good idea to get out of the house and took me shopping. After a little shopping we headed to my Aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. I stuffed myself a little too much, but it all tasted so good. After dinner we all just sat around trying to get our minds off the big event. We started to get really anxious and a little nervous, so we headed home to get our bags and head to the hospital.

We arrived at 8:00pm at Summerlin Hospital, registered and started filling out paper work. It was pretty quiet in the labor ward. We were the only ones there.

10:00pm they gave me prostaglandins, to help with my cervix and then four hours later I would recieve another one. They also gave me a sleeping pill to help me sleep through the night, since they were predicting I would go into labor the next morning. My family went home to get some rest themselves and we planned on calling them once I got closure to delivery.

11:50pm Justin woke up to me groaning in pain from contractions. He got my nurse and she checked me and to her surprise I was five centermeters. She looked at Justin and said "You better call whoever wants to be here." My family made record time getting back to the hospital.

The anesthesiologist, Dr. Hanson (its a small world), came in to give me my epidural. While he was doing that my water broke. It took awhile for it to kick in. All I remember is the contractions being so strong. I think I scared my poor sister into never having babies. I got another dose of epidural and all of a sudden I couldn't feel a thing. I took a little nap while my family watched my contractions on the monitor.

Soon my contractions were right ontop of each other and fast. My nurse told everyone it was time and if you didn't want to witness the birth, it was time to leave now. My doctor hurried in and before I knew it, it was time to push. I only had three rounds of pushing and then all of a sudden my nurse said open your eyes and there she was coming!

2:20 am Mary Lyn Hanson was here. 6 pounds 4 ounces of perfection.

03 November 2012

Maternity Pictures ...

The fabulous Kenny Cohen of The Cohens Photography took our maternity pictures. They came out unbelievable. She is an amazing Photographer.