27 June 2013

Two Teeth ...

On mary's 7 month birthday her first tooth poked through. She was a trooper and only fussed a little at bed time. The next day the one right next door poked through. She is taking the discomfort like a champ, but of course she has a little help from her necklace and a little orijel.

23 June 2013

21 June 2013

Mommy Spa Day ...

Every mom needs to take time to herself. Every mom needs a spa day. Christina and I had morning facials at the Red Rock on Tuesday. Justin splurged and upgraded us to the hydrafacial and it was heaven. I haven't worn makeup since and my skin is glowing!

We had lunch out by the spa pool and enjoyed the sun and chitt chatted. We headed inside to enjoy all the relaxing amenedies; steam room (there was no eucalyptus, big dissapoinment) sauna, cold plung, and jacuzz. Fianlly after five hours we tore ourselves back to our lockers and headed home. I was totally useless the rest of the day. I was in lala land and didn't want to come back.

17 June 2013

Father's Day ...

Father's day was mellow for us. But Justin still got spoiled for his first father's day. Mary bought him a lucky penny keychain with her named stamped on it. It even was a 2012 year penny, the year she was born. I got him a new gun safe. It's about double the size he had earlier, but five times as heavy. It took three of them to list it up the stairs, with a dolly.

My parents and sister were out of town so we had another couple come over for dinner and the game. It was a nice mellow day.

10 June 2013

Disneyland ...

The other day, we went to the Disney store looking for Finding Nemo stuffed animals to complete Mary's collection. We ended up buying three more, but they didn't have Bruce the shark. Out of nowhere Justin replied, "lets check Downtown Disney" Of course I jumped at the oppurtunity to make a quick roadtrip. We headed home and packed real quick. I called my cousin on the way to see if she was free and she was! We checked into the Candy Cane Inn as usual and headed to Downtown Disney with my cousin. They didn't have Bruce, But we did find a few other Nemo toys.

The following day, My cousin took us to Disneyland for the morning and afternoon. Mary got to meet the Princesses, Minni, Mickey, Pluto, and Mike Wazoski! We even road the Monster's Inc ride!

It was such a nice getaway and I loved watching Mary's reactions to everything.