22 April 2012

Congratulations Brandon & Christina ...

Yesterday was  Brandon and Christina's beautiful wedding. It was at a Greek Orthodox church, and the ceremony was so amazing. The church has wonderful traditions and was beautiful from all the details. She looked beautiful and he looked very dashing.

We wish you both the most happiest marriage and a forever of love.

11 April 2012

& Baby Makes 3 ...

After more than two years of TTC we are officially adding to our family !

For a week I just didn't feel like myself. Finally I woke up last Wednesday morning and took a pregnancy test. I paced back and forth waiting, then almost cried when I finally saw the positive. I couldn't believe it, we finally were expecting. Being 4:30 AM, I didn't want to wake up Justin. So I went to work bursting with my news. I had to tell my girlfriend right when I walked through the doors and we brainstormed  on how to tell  Justin the good news.

We came up with a plan, We have Justin's gym right next to our master bedroom and plan on making that our nursery. I called Justin's best friend Pat and my sister to come over and help me change the room. They came over once I got home from work and moved all the gym equipment into the office or spare room. My parents have been buying baby stuff since we originally started trying. We aleady had a crib and a rocking chair, so we moved them into the nursery. I had a giant teddy bear that Justin got me for our 2nd (cotton) anniversary. He fits perfectly in the corner.

Before & After

09 April 2012

Hoppy Easter ...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We had a nice dinner with the family and we all made it through lent. My sister and I gave up soda and we both had our first one together. My parents and aunts both gave up ice cream, and so we had ice cream cake for dessert. It was a fun laid back evening.

02 April 2012

Party Rock ...

We went to one of the best themed party's ever the other night. Josh's party rock birthday party. We roamed the mall looking for the best outfits.

Their backyard was beautifully decorated. They even had a bartender, dj, and a photo booth with accessories and fun props. They had great food and a yummy dessert bar. It was defiantly a blast.

01 April 2012

Christina's Bridal Shower ...

Saturday was Christina's bridal shower. It was a beautiful day to shower her with gifts. Her friend who hosted did a beautiful job and we all had a really good time. Our team won the toilet paper wedding dress. We out did ourselves with a fabulous veil, bouquet, and even tp jewelery. I may need to re-think my career options. Wedding dress designing came so naturally.