30 October 2010

The Examiner ...

My friend asked me if it was alright if she featured me in a wedding article about our wedding. I emailed her all the details she wanted to know. It was fun reliving the proposal and everything else. Without further ado, here it is ...

The Examiner - Washington DC: Oh, those handsome Hansons

28 October 2010

Mini Halloween Apples ...

Tonight Justin and I played Betty Crocker. Mini Halloween apples were on the menu. We made three different flavors: Plain chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate. Sooo tasty!

26 October 2010

Copy & Paste ...

I kept meaning to put Alyssa and my CALIFORNIA pictures together. I kept forgetting and put it back in my mind. I finally got it done tonight and it turned out amazing. I absolutly love how it turned out.

20 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving ...

Tonight Pat and Jenny had us over for pizza, drinks, cookies, and pumpkin carving. It was a perfect night with the lightning, rain, the movie halloween marathon, and good company.

Pat's pumpkin

Jenny's pumpkin

Justin's pumpkin

Stephanie's pumpkin

Cathedral Rock ...

Today after it rained a bit we headed out to Mount Charleston to do a little hiking. All the trees were chaning colors and it was so pretty. We haven't done it in awhile, so it was nice to get some fresh air. We found a little waterfall on a broken off trail. You could hear it before you heard it. After we reached the top, we noticed darker clouds slowly rolling in, so we headed back down right away. At one point of the trail we had to stop and listen. We heard something rustling close by and then walking away. It sounded big, but we never got a clear look of what it was. It was defiantly a good refreshing hike.

1 Year Ago ...

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Marietta Hanson's Guest Book By Legacy

11 October 2010

Halloween Decorations ...

We put up the Halloween decorations today, spider webs everywhere, caution tape, bat lights in the tree, two bats in the window, a giant spider, and hanging skeleton. Let the festivities begin!

Happy hauntings little goblins!

Roadtrip ...

Last week we took a trip to California with our friends Corey and Alyssa. Early Tuesday morning we headed out with trailer in tow. We drove out a bit until we were on the open road we pulled off to unload the bikes. There was truck also pulled in the dirt, but the driver was folded into his wheel with his arms. It looked like he was shot in the back and fell forward. So Alyssa went to check it out and went to the drivers side window when he woke up and looked right at her. He left two minutes later. The boys then jumped on the bikes and headed out with us and the trailer following them. With a stop at Alien Jerky, They finally pulled over right before Victorville to re-trailer the bikes.

We arrived in Anaheim with a few stormy clouds. We checked into our usual Candy Cane Inn. We upgraded to the premium room and we got a bunch of cute extras. A pretty pink rose, a welcome bucket with free dvd rentals, popcorn, candy, cookies, comfy robes, and continental breakfast delivered. We got to mark off everything we wanted the next day and what time we wanted it delivered. We then had a yummy dinner and rented The Little Mermaid before we entered dreamland.

Next day was the girls day at disneyland, but it started raining. We had to get to the park early to be walked in. Woo Woo! So no waiting out the rain. It only drizzled here and there for about two hours until the clouds started to let up and the sun tried to shine through. There was just enough rain to make my blow dried hair wavy. We bounced back and forth to both parks and ate all the yummy food. We had so much fun and the boys were such good sports about the whole day, but I think they secretly had a blast too.

The next day was the boys other day for fun on the bikes. We went up and down PCH and made a few stops at various beaches and piers. We even saw dolphins. We even found the Kardashians Beach Bunny Swimsuite store. It was perfect out for a ride cause there wasn't a cloud in the sky and warm. Lunch at Rubys was the cherry on the sunday until we headed back to the hotel to check out and trailer the bikes for the drive back home. We stopped at a one building gas station middle of nowhere stop, so the boys could pee in a waterfall urinal. Go figure.

It was such a fun trip, We made amazing memories. I think we may start planning a trip together next spring to Sea World.

04 October 2010

Disney Museum ...

So it's no seceret that I love Disneyland. I have been going since I was a little girl and Justin and I made it a tradition to go every year. But I never knew this was in existance. The Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum presents the life and achievements of the man who raised animation to an art, transformed the film industry, tirelessly pursued innovation, and created a global and distinctively American legacy. The Museum tells Disney’s story in his own words and those of his family, friends, and co-workers. Using a mix of historic materials and artifacts, Disney’s achievements have come to life through innovative displays that include listening stations, interactive media, and more than 200 video monitors. Much of the material is being generously lent by the Walt Disney Company and private collectors.

I'm defiantly going to start planning a trip in the nearest future :)

01 October 2010