21 June 2010

Alaska ...

We just got back from our Alaskan vacation. It was absolutly amazing! Pictures can't even capture the true beauty and colors. We saw so many wild animals and did so many one of a kind things. The memories we made will never fade, it truly was a one of a kind trip. A big thank you to Pam and Nick in Koliganek and Sean and Marsha in Anchorage. They made our trip! I am truly blessed with an amazing and loving family.

09 June 2010

Welcome Lilliana Kelly ...

Congratulations to Bobby and Christina on their little bundle of joy.
Lilliana Kelly Erdman; June 6th 2010

04 June 2010

New Laptop ...

Justin and I both have a certain amount from our paychecks that go directly to the voice foundation. (we pick a certain charity) Each year they pick a lucky handful to win a grand prize. This year the grand prize was a 52 inch tv. Justin was a lucky contestant and they had the final drawing today. He didn't win the tv, but he did win a Dell laptop! It has a 4GB Ram, 250GB HD, Webcam, 17 inch screen. My husband is so lucky, but I figure since we are married its mine too lol :) so i'm lucky too.

01 June 2010

Glacier Cruise ...

Thank you Sean and Marsha for planning a day cruise for all of us when we are up in Alaska visiting. I checked out the website and am super excited! http://www.26glaciers.com

The Cruise departs from Whittier and traverses 145 miles through the passageways of Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Upon leaving Whittier the vessel heads east out Passage Canal to the Egg Rock sea lion rookery located in Port Wells. From there it proceeds to Esther Passage where only small ships can navigate the waterway. High mountains protect this narrow channel from rough seas and winds. Many different animals call this area home; bald eagles are commonly seen fishing in the area along with an occasional puffin. It is not uncommon to see orcas plus sea otters are almost always present.

Esther Passage opens into College Fjord where the vessel turns north for a panoramic view of all the glaciers. Next, Surprise Glacier and Barry Arm located in Harriman Fjord. The Captain plots a path through the ice filled waters up to the front of the glacier so passengers can watch for house size chunks of ice calving into the sea.

On the return trip to Whittier the vessel will stop one more time at a kittiwake bird rookery that is located just across the bay from Whittier. Over 10,000 birds inhabit these rocky cliffs each summer laying eggs. They fish constantly in front of the rookery and then train the young hatchlings all the survival tips they will need before returning to they fly south for the winter.