29 September 2013

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Oswald ...

Yesterday we got to share Jackie and Cokeman's special day. Their wedding was at the Las Vegas country club right when the sun was going down. The weather was perfect and so was the atmosphere. Jackie did an amazing job making decorations and so many special touches. 

They had Photo Booth and of course we used it multiple times. 

Congrats again to the happy couple, you two are perfect together. 

25 September 2013

Turning 29 ...

I think everyone hits that birthday where they think, "wow, where has the time gone." That was this year for me. My first birthday as a mom and officially feeling like an adult. This is where I saw myself when the teachers in high school asked, "where do you see yourself in ten years." Ironically enough next month is my ten year reunion. I guess you can say I'm right in track. 

This year for my birthday, the day was pretty mellow. Justin and Mary made me waffles and egg for breakfast. They picked me out a new charm for my bracalet. A feather, for my new adventure on etsy making dreamcatchers. I absolute love how each of my charms means something. We took Mary to the park and played. She got a little cranky after lunch which signaled nap time. Justin had a study group that evening, so when he was away I facetimed with my family in Alaska. 

All in all my 29th year is a fantastic one. 

Design and Wine ...

This year for my 29th birthday, Justin rented out a space at design and wine. I got to pick out the picture we got to paint and had some delicious wine with fabulous friends. I can't wait to go back and try my skills on a different picture. 

Early Birthday ...

Last Thursday the family celebrated my birthday early. The weather was beautiful so we grilled pork chops on the grill and enjoyed the outside. There defiantly was a theme for my gifts. "Cooking/Disney" I got a new pots and pan set from Bobby Flay, Mickey Mouse waffle maker, disney tiara collectible plates, and a membership to D23. Super excited. I already made waffles and I have to say they defiantly tasted better than normal round waffles. 

23 September 2013

14 September 2013

Etsy ...

Last month I added Etsy Shop Owner to my never ending list of titles. It's ben exciting creating my dreamcatchers to sell. I even have a custom order that I'm super excited about. I am even looking at new designs with alphabet beads, so I can do personalized orders. I can't wait and see how my shop grows. 

08 September 2013

Two Tone Baby Hair ...

Mary was born with two tone hair. Her pediatrician said he usually only sees two a year with it. We thought once she grew it would all change to the same color. But little Miss Mary still has two tone hair. Light in the back. Darker in the front. You can call it the modern mullet. lol. Party in the back. Business in the front.

07 September 2013

Surprise 30th Anniversary ...

My parents celebrated 30 years of marriage on September 3rd. Unfortunately my mom was recovering from back surgery, so the week before we threw them a surprise dinner at my Aunts house. They had no idea and were completely surprised. I'm so lucky to have amazing parents as role models. Justin asked for advice to lasting so long. My dad gave us advice that his dad gave to him. 

"Always put the other person first. You'll always be their first and them yours." 

Yes the balloon is attached to Mary. It was an easy mechanism to keep track of where she was lol. 

06 September 2013

Labor Day ...

 We had a nice relaxing Labor Day at my parents. Yummy steaks for dinner and cream puffs for dessert.

Later in the evening we all went outside. It was a cooler, but still a little humid. I set out a blanket for Mary to play on with her toys with my mom watching her. Justin, Greg, and my dad threw the frisbee around. It only went into the neighbors yard once. Kimy and I played bad mitten and we only got the birdie on the roof once. It was a nice and relaxing evening. 

Mary is still unsure of the real grass. We have all artificial in our backyard, which she doesn't mind. But the real stuff kind freaks her out. 

But we soon got a thumbs up from her. lol.