29 January 2011

Sparkle-icious ...

I have been on a hunt forever trying to find the collection Burlesque from OPI. Nobody has it, its all on backorder everywhere. At work we only got three of the colors in, and of course they have to be the ugly ones. I searched and searched online and finally found the glittery colors I wanted for a steal. I actually got all six bottles of colored glitter from online order to door within three days. Top notch! O how I love this collection!

From left to right: Sparkl-icious, Bring On The Bling, Simmer & Shimmer, Show It & Glow It, Glow Up Already, Extra-va-vaganza

Click on the picture for full sparkle-icious-ness !

20 January 2011

Home Entertainment ...

We have wanted to upgrade our TV for the longest time and dreamed of a built in entertainment center for our bump out. We have been browsing the sales here and there hoping for a deal. We were very specific in what we wanted, so it took some patients. The other day we were at Ashley down by the spagetti bowl and they had exactly what we wanted, but they were discontinuing the model and the floor model was already sold. Just my luck! We asked the sales man if the Ashley by our house still had their floor model, but he said no. We were on our way to Costco and Justin said lets just check our Ashleys. Low and Behold! They had the discontinued entertainment center and it wasn't sold! Plus it was $200 cheaper than the sale price at the other locatin. Thank goodness for Gene, we called him and he was there in a half an hour to help us take it right home.

Next was we had to find a TV. We checked Costco, Best Buy, and said why not try our luck at Walmart since it was right there. No deals until we walked out and I eyed an alone TV box. 55inch with all the bells and whistles. We asked why it was so cheap and only one left, The lady said that it was left over from the Christmas sales and they wanted to get rid of it. Score for us!

In the end we only spent about 2/3 of our budget that we had saved up overall. Feels good. Now I get to decorate all the shelving with all of our savings. Let me see ... new picture frames, candles, o my!

13 January 2011

V-Twin & Sparkle ...

Justin had a street bike about four years ago, but a friend crashed it. He's always wanted another on, but I have always been on edge. I love being on the back, but am always a little nervous. Its hard to say no to Justin since he gives me everything i could possibly need. In the end I agreed to a new bike, So right when he got the change he and his buddy drove down to RideNow and came home with this two wheeled transportation.

It's a Yamaha Stryker 80-cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, single overhead cam 60-degree V-twin with dual counterbalancers. Justins new baby lol.

Justin knew what a big deal this decision was for me, so the very next day he surprised me and we headed down to Fred Meyer at Galleria and I got to pick out new diamond earrings! Well he kinda picked them out for me. I just picked out the regular cut, but he liked the Sitara better. Each diamond has an extra 31 facets for extra sparkle! I ended up with the 1 carat tw.

11 January 2011

Sunset ...

This past week has been very pretty as the sun has created very pretty colorful painting in the Las Vegas Valley Sky ...

07 January 2011

The Climber ...

I had to share this photo that my cousin took while out visiting. I can't believe this dude is rock climbing a bazillion feet up from the ground barefoot !!!

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[Sara Otto Photography]

06 January 2011

Bloody Mary Me Please ...

I was cruising around some of my other blogs that I follow today and I came across this ... Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen and it features a bloody mary bar Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Delicious !!! I'm already creating my custome bloody mary in my head.

03 January 2011

Tournament of Kings ...

We took my cousins Sara and Jessica to the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur last night for dinner and it was a blast! We were part of France and were right in the front row. Our king was pretty BA and won almost every round. Merlin was a hoot and the court jester was a riot. We ate delicious food with our hands, pounded on the table, and cheered! Even though we are all grown ups we had a fun time, I could only imagine how much fun a kiddo would have.

After the show the girls and I visited the ladies room. We walked out to Justin playing the little claw machine. We stood there and watched him fish for a stuffed animal and he was talented enough to get one. A cute little pink Care Bear named Love-A-Lot. He picked his prize from the box on the bottom of the machine and turned around to us watching him. Surprise to him he had an audience and to me and my new little bear.

01 January 2011

Little Blue Bird ...

We walked by Tiffany & Company the other day and i just fell in love with their new window stories. I had to pull Justin back and take a few pictures of their story ...

In a fareaway land, a handsome prince fell in love with a beautiful princess.

The prince was turned into a gentle blue bird and banished to the forest. Meanwhile, the princess was locked away, high in a turret.

Love prevailed, and the blue bird brought his princess a beautiful diamond ring that lit up the night sky.

Upon a kiss of true love, the blue bird turned back into his princely form and they lived happily ever after.