27 August 2013

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary ...

Call me an over achiever, but I had our "wood" anniversary planned for almost a year. Justin always plans our even anniversaries and I plan the odd. This years traditional gift was wood, so I had the perfect plan. I rented a cabin at Mount Chalreston. They have one cabin named the lovebirds cabin and thought that would be perfect! I booked it almost a year in advanced, just so I made sure we had that exact one.

We gave each other our traditinal gifts like we traditionally do. Justin got me three new pandora charms for my bracelet. One being made out of wood. The other a cute Mr. & Mrs. couple. Another of a cruise ship, since our honeymoon we took a cruise. I got him a wooden watch box with our first dance lyrics engraved ontop.

The weather was absolutly perfect and so peaceful. Our cabin had an amazing view!

The entire balcony was covered in couples names, initials, and dates. We of course had to add ourselves to the bunch!

While we were having dinner at the lodge, a couple was getting married and taking pictures on the patio. The palce was decorated in pretty pink and white decorations. After dinner we sat at the bar for a little bit and watched the speeches and dancing. After talking a bit we decided to make a nice congratualtiond catrd out of a bar napkin, fill it with a little cash and give it to the new Mr. & Mrs. I wish I would of thought to take a picture of our handmade bar card. I found the bride sitting at her table and I gave it to her there. She look at me a little confused, but I just told her congradulations and met Justin at the entrance. We snuck out before they could come and find us. I am curious to know what they thought of it, but am glad we are also annonymous.

23 August 2013

20 August 2013

Craft Night...

Last weekend I hosted a craft night. I showed all the ladies how to make a dreamcatcher. The Michaels trip was a big one and i'm so lucky that my husband was able to help me. Yup, help. I think thats what this is called ... lol ...

I went a little over board and bought almost evey color I could think of in suede, wax, feathers, and beads. But I am so glad I did. Everyone's dream catcher came out so colorful and beautiful!

All the ladies even convinced me to close my eyes and jump into the world of Etsy. I know sell my dreamcatchers online and I am so suprised how its going. I all ready have four custom orders to fill!

07 August 2013

Justin's Birthday ...

On Justin's birthday this year we rented a cabana at Aliante. We haven't done that since they changed owenership, so there was only a few minor changes in the price. On the flip side it came with a fee option of free drinks, fruit, and chips & salsa. We weren't sure how long Mary would last, but she did a great job. We swam in the pool with the family for a bit until Mary got tired. My dad took her for a stroll inside the hotel where she fell asleep on him in a little quiet nook. After her nap she was all ready to just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

The next day we had a cokout with our friends to celebrate Justin's one more year. It was a lot of fun. We even made m'mores in the evening. And of course Cards Against Humanity came out to play.

02 August 2013

Mt.Charelston After ...

We wanted to head up to Mt.Charelston and have dinner last Friday and see how much damage was visable from the fire. Driving up it hit us like a bunch of bricks. Seeing both sides of the road charded black and unreconizable. Thankfuly it was only a small section, but the worse. You could see a little damage off in the distance, but nothing too bad. I'm so thankful that all the homes and builings are safe. Up on the mountain is one of our favorite spots to go.

Srprisingly for a Friday night the lodge was dead. They did have some live music, which was nice, but not many occupied ables. This was the first time Mary was able to really look around and enjoy the view. She sat in her highchair and stared out the big windows.