23 April 2013

15 April 2013

My First Photo Shoot ...

As the photographer !!! Our friends, Pat and Jenny, and getting married May of 2014. Their photographer for their Save the Dates flaked out and I'm lucky enough that they thought of me. The only experience I have is with Mary and I was a little nervouse. I jumped on pintrest and started my research. We had to reschedule twice because of rain and wind, but we finally made it out to the baseball fields!

I would post my favorites, but they don't want any online until their save the dates are mailed.

06 April 2013

Mary's First Swim ...

We took Mary to the Aliante pool, right by our house for her first dip. I was a little unsure how should would react. She loves baths, but hates the aftermath of getting out and being cold. To our pleasant surprise, she loved it! We swam for almost an hour before, I got cold and wanted to get out. We dried her off and she played on the daybed while we ate our lunch. I see many trips to the pool in our future.

05 April 2013

Luke's Baptism ...

Sean and Marsha were in town during Easter, so they decided to get their son Luke baptized since Justin was the Godfather. Marsh'as sister, who is the Godmother, flew from Califonia to be here as well. They had it done at St. John's Catholic Church, just down the road from our house.

01 April 2013

Godparents Gifts ...

I found the cutest mug set for Mary's Godmother and Godfather on Pintrest. I just couldn't resist not buying them!

Mary's Baptism ...

On Easter we had Mary baptized at church. It was a beautiful Sunday, with the sun shinning. We couldnt't of asked for a better day. We invited friends and family to witness and celebrate easter. Unfortuantly Mary decided, right when the ceremony was to start, that she was going to be cranky. Poor thing cried the whole time. Pastor Stevens lightened the mood and said his son did the same thing. It was a sign that the devil was escaping him.

After we had everyone join us at my parents house for an Easter egg hunt and cook out. It was so much fun and the Easter bunny even dropped off some baskets for the kids.