22 April 2011

Northern NV ...

Last week the family headed out to northern Nevada for an adventure. My parents have gotten us both into antiquing, so this was a perfect trip for that. All the small towns on the way up to Reno, have little antique shops scattered here and there.

Day one consisted of driving up to Reno all of us packed into the Suburban, cracking jokes and telling stories. Dinner at the hotel and a little gamming. Justin broke even and I won $55.55

Day two we spent the day in Virginia City, an old mining town that is full of fun shops and all kinds of miscellanious. In the old Red Garter Saloon, which is now a store, is a manikin on a swing that is from way way back in the day of a girl dressed up in a red can can outfit. Everyone says its identical to me, the store worker kept doing a double take of me. After VC, we headed to Carson City where there are a few more antique stores and checked out the capital. For dinner we had the famous "awful awful" burger. It was the winner of Food Wars on the Travel Channel. A 1/2 pound burger and a 1 pound side of fries, we all were stuffed to the gills!

Day three we drove to Lake Tahoe, and enjoyed its beauty before we headed back into Reno to do a little more Antiquing. Gaming was that evening too. Justin and I found the only teo gold fish games and played for almost two hours. He won $20 and I won &$30, not too bad for pennies.

Day four we headed back home, but made some stops on the way in all of the little towns. Justin was in love in Beatty at a military ammo can and misc store.

All in all it was a really fun trip with the family. I found a number of vintage classic books, and an turqious antique neckalce. Justin made a haul with all of his ammo boxes and street signs. Now to recharge the batteries before we leave for California in 11 days!

09 April 2011

Reflecting Fantsyland ...

I follow a really fun blog called Tours Departing Daily, and they post amazing pictures from Disneyland, California. I happened to see this posting the other day and fell in love with the picture called Reflecting Fantasyland. Defiantly my most favorite of them all ...

08 April 2011

CC Fair & Rodeo ...

Yesterday Justin and I planned for us to go to the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale. Unfortunatly it was super windy. Good thing there was a lot of exhibits in barns and other buildings. We saw the cows, pigs, and the rest of Old Macdonald's Farms.

We soon became hungry and really wanted some good old country cooking, so we headed to Mesquite, hoping to find the right restraunt. Five minutes into the drive I remembered that there was a Cracker Barrel in St. George. What other resaraunt would be any more perfect? So we headed past Mesquite, into Arizona, and then into Utah.

After lunch/dinner, we roamed and explored St. George a bit. It's defiantly a very pretty city. We then headed back to Logandale for the rodeo. I think Justin may have been a cowboy in his past life. He just has the best time watching all the bucking and roping.

The clown was even a stunt man too !