24 December 2013

Red Coach House ...

Like every year we were going to see the synchronised lights at the house on Darby. I was super excited this year for Mary to see the lights. Christmas lights are one of her favorite things. Unfortunately there was no decorations or lights set up. I was really disappointed, but I did find another house. Not as good as Darby, but Mary loved it. 

21 December 2013

Gift of Lights ...

The other night we took Mary to the speedway to see the gift of lights. She rode around and my lap for a front row you of the lights. At times she was even hanging out the window. She has been obsessed with Christmas lights ever since she was born. 

After the lights we had dinner and headed back to my parents house. My dad pulled out an early Christmas present for Mary to open. It was a Minnie Mouse house and crawl tunnel. She is obsessed with it and takes all her toys in there to play with. She even had a juice party with auntie Kimmy. 

17 December 2013

Town Square Santa ...

Last Sunday we went down to Town Square with the Cohens and Erdmans. We were originally planning to visit the Santa at Bass Pro Shop, but they were turning people away since they were so busy. I have to say this Santa was not the jolliest, but I don't think it helped that our kids were not feeling it. 

He did at least crack a smile for some. 

And yes, our husbands needed a picture with Santa as we'll. 

After waiting in line for over two hours the kids needed to play and run around. We seized that opportunity to wait for it to snow. Mary absolutely loved it. She kier tilting her head back dying to catch the flakes on her tongue. 

16 December 2013

Shopping & Playing ...

We were at the Fashion Show mall doing some shopping and Mary wanted to run around a bit. We took a break at their playground and she loved it. There was a few older girls that started playing with her, it was the cutest. 

She loved going up the slide but didn't like coming down at all. She had a look of terror the entire time. 

15 December 2013

Ethel M's ...

My dad was out of town for business last week so we took my mom to Ethel Ms Cactus Garden. We started off in the gift shop and bought ourselves some hot chocolate. The good stuff. Not the packet stuff. 

It was our first time ever visiting the cactus garden with all of its holiday lights. It was beautiful! 

05 December 2013

Magical Forest ...

Last night we headed to magic forest with the family. It was mighty chilly, but since the weather wasn't favorable there was hardly anyone there. Mary was able to walk through all of the trees. She absolutely loved all of the lights and decorations. 

Last year she was only two weeks led when she first met Santa Clause, and she was in her own little works. This year she wasn't too sure. We had to stay pretty close to her without getting into the picture. Soon Santa told us to just jump in.