24 February 2014

Airport Waiting ...

We had to pick up my parents up at the airport the other night. I made a sign for her to hold for her grandma and grandpa. She was a hit with everyone at the airport. She was all full of smiles and waving at everyone. 

22 February 2014

Roos and More ...

Last weekend my sister and I took Mary to Zappos, where they were hosting some animals from Roos and More. Mary loved the interaction with all of the animals. The first animal she played with was the giant tortoise and within 2 minutes she poked him in his eye! She then couldn't understand why he kept hiding in his shell. 

She loved the camels so much, we had to visit then twice. At one point one of the camels cane right up to us and swung his head right above us. 

04 February 2014

Date Night ...

Last Friday we had a night out to support the Las Vegas Wranglers at their pack the house night. My VIP sister got us tickets to the sold out game. I think we were the good luck charm. They best the number one team 5-2. We even won free tacos! Which we of course had to get on the way home. 

Heart Attack Grill ...

Everyone in the family has wanted to try The Heart Attack Grill since they opened. So we all finally made a field trip downtown. The moment you walk it you get a hospital bracelet and gown. Unfortunately they didn't have baby sizes for Mary. 

I played it safe and ordered the single, where the men upped the anti and ordered the double (3000 calories)

The catch was if you didn't finish your food you got paddled by one of the nurses. Lucky for us there was no paddling, since we all finished our food. 

Outside you could weigh yourself to see if you got s free meal. Mary was a little off. 

All and all the burger was dry and the fries had no seasoning. Kinda a disappointment in all our eyes. 

We did bright our evening with taking Mary to see the light show on Fremont. She loved it! 

Gold Spike ...

We spent the day at the container park, downtown. They have a really best concept going. Mary loved the playground when Justin enjoyed his shaved ice and me my hot tea. 

Later we played around at The Gold Spike. It's amazing how they transformed  it. We ice skated on plastic, played jenga, and cornhole. It was perfect since we had the place to ourselves, Mary could run around wild. 

Naked Butt ...

Who doesn't love a naked butt?! This one is one of my favorites. 

Children's Discovery Museum ...

We took Mary first time a few weeks ago. She had an absolute blast. I just wish we would if gotten there earlier, so we would of had more time. 

On the way out I found an awesome photo op spot! I foresee us going there again.