04 February 2014

Heart Attack Grill ...

Everyone in the family has wanted to try The Heart Attack Grill since they opened. So we all finally made a field trip downtown. The moment you walk it you get a hospital bracelet and gown. Unfortunately they didn't have baby sizes for Mary. 

I played it safe and ordered the single, where the men upped the anti and ordered the double (3000 calories)

The catch was if you didn't finish your food you got paddled by one of the nurses. Lucky for us there was no paddling, since we all finished our food. 

Outside you could weigh yourself to see if you got s free meal. Mary was a little off. 

All and all the burger was dry and the fries had no seasoning. Kinda a disappointment in all our eyes. 

We did bright our evening with taking Mary to see the light show on Fremont. She loved it!