17 February 2012

Valentines #7 ...

This year marked out seventh valentines day together. We did our traditional Top of the World dinner at the Stratosphere. It probaly was one of the most fun dates there ever. Not sure if we were just so giggly to start with but we were being completley entertained by the couples sitting right by the window. The first couple was comstantly on their phones or one of them would be missing from the table. Couple number two with a third wheel made their dining experience a photography session taking dozens and dozens of pictures. The final couple was the most normal but she was pretty drunk and when the faux dessert tray came around on the outskirts she kept poking at all the different kinds. It all made for a funny night.

13 February 2012

New Job ...

I'm so excited. After four and a half years working in the spa at MGM I am transfering. I love the area I work in. My hours are great, and I have made so many good friends that I get to see on a day to day basis. Luckily not much is changing. As of now, concierge does all of our appointment booking and they probaly screw up 25% of the appointments. The department pays some ridiculace amount each month so they could take care of our phone calls. Way to drop the ball. So in a few weeks we will be opening up our very own call center that oversees everything. Already knowing the system and services I jumped at this oppurtunity to help open the call center. I'm going to be number one in senority and help train out new hires. And even better news I will only be a hop skip and a jump away from my old stomping grounds. Very easy to stop by for some coffee.

Justin surprised me with a congradulations gift the other day for getting my new job. I have always loved this diamond necklace from Tiffany&Co. And yes diamonds are expensive, but Tiffany diamonds are super expensive. So I have just drooled from a safe distance. Not anymore! Its a Elsa Peretti platnium diamond by the yard necklace. I'm in LOVE!