22 May 2012

Solar Eclips ...

I was excited to see the eclips on Sunday. Unfortunatly I didn't have any special glasses, but Justin had a smarty pants idea. We pulled his car out of the garage and looked through his darker than legal tinted glass, while wearing sunglasses. It gave us the best view of the eclips.

21 May 2012

Motorcycle Ride ...

Since my Uncle was in town, he rented a motorcycle so he and Justin could have a fun riding day. First they rode to Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon (The oldest saloon in Nevada) and got "certified as assholes" They got a certification paper, card and even a patch. They had lunch there then headed to do the Red Rock Loop followed by home to cool off. After dinner at home they headed to the strip. Like tourists they even had their picture taken at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

20 May 2012

Mob Museum ...

My uncle flew into town on Friday morning and we decided to take him to the Mob museum. We've never been since it opened last February. It was really fun and had quiet a few hands on exhibits.

Helicopter Ride & Hoover Dam ...

On our way to the Hoover Dam, we saw the signs for a helicopter ride on the side of the ride. We made a U-turn and I took an anti-naseau medicine, as we headed to the little kios.

All three of us could of sat in the back or lucky little tiny me could sit upfront with the pilot. Of course I took the front co-pilot seat. Taking off was the best weirdess feeling, but so awesome. I can't believe the amazing views we got to see. Hubby and I have to make a little date day in the future and do it again.

After we finally made it to the walk across at the Hoover Dam. It defiantly was a hot one outside and am so thankful for our snack and drink packs in the car. The views again were amazing and whoever came up with the walk across deserves a gold star plus a chocolate chip cookie.

We then headed to the Cosmopolitan and ate at the no name, secret pizza place, delicious New York style pizza. We walked around and explored until baby in belly was craving some custard. Onward to Luv-It. It was the best ending to a fun filled day.

18 May 2012

12 Weeks ...

Yesterday I had my 1st trimester testing session at the docters office. Everything came out A-Okay and our technician even gave us some extras. She told us that every year ultrasound technicians need to send pictures in to be requalified. She found the perfect picture of our little squirt and asked us to use it. We said of course. After she got all the measurements she then switched to 4D. Wow is that some amazing technology. Squirt was active flipping and flopping and kicking all around. We played around with baby for almost half an hour until time was up. She printed out some great pictures and ven put everything on a DVD for us. She even let Justin video tape some of the best footage.

Ladies and Gentelmen I present little baby Hanson

02 May 2012

Baby Pool ...

Join in the fun! Guess baby Hansons birthday, weight, legnth, color of hair and eyes etc ... After the birth, points will be given for correct answers!

Baby Website ...

Thanks to thebump.com we have made a baby website with information regarding us, the baby, showers, and registry. Please take a look and sign our guestbook!