29 July 2010

Road Trip ...

We went on a little road trip with the family. We stayed in Laughlin for two nights and drove around to Arizona and California.

Dat one; we dropped the puppies off to be boared. It was hard since it was their very first time. After we checked in and situated into our rooms, we went to the old car exhibit at the riverside. My dad has an itch to buy an old car. We had dinner and then played a little poker. I lost a little, but Justin won $100.00

Day two; we drove to bullhead city and did some antiquing. Justin found a laso and an old military amo case. We then decided to try a new town called Oatman. We got to drive on a piece of historical route 66, it was so cute. Oatman was a qwaint old western town with cute shops. They even had a gun sliging show. Donkeys were roaming everywhere and you could buy a bundle of carrots to feed them. One really wanted to follow Justin home. After Oatman, we drove to Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge, it was so neat. There is a whole old time London village and the base with shops. Its crazy how you can still see all the numbers that were put on each piece for when it was moved over the Atlatic Ocean. After a long hot day, we headed back for dinner and just a little gaming. I won $100.00 within three minutes and called it an early night.

Day three; we drove to Kingman after checking out. We did some more antiquing and i found a beautiful old wine glass set and an antique perfume bottle. Lunch came and passed after a few stores until we went to The Cracker Barrel for lunch and bought way too much candy in their gify shop. We had plenty of sugar to last us on our way home. We only had a little slow down going over the dam.

We made it by the skin of our teeth picking up the dogs from boarding before they closed. They were so happy and excited, but right when they got in the back of the car they passed out. I love vacations, but also love coming home.

25 July 2010

Justin's Birthday ...

Justin's Birthday was nice and pretty low key this year. We started our tradition last year. We don't buy birthday gifts since we are so close to each other and our anniversary. We just go out to a nice dinner. We save the gifts to our anniversary. His Aunt Pam and Unlce Nick came down from Alaska to visit for a week and they landed on his birthday. We went out to dinner and had a really good time just talking and telling stories.

The next day we went to my parents for my moms delicious swedish meatballs. Justin's aunt and uncle and my auntie barb joined us, but boo Kimy had to work. All of Justins gifts fit him to a T. My dad got him a minature Coors Lite keg that justin loved and played bartender the whole evening. My parents also got him a old red police light, which only can mean trouble. My sister got him a shark for the jacuzzi and spy glasses. My aunt got him his very own beer making kit.

20 July 2010

Suprise Visit ...

Last Friday I got a suprise text from one of my best friends in Wisconsin, Caitlyn (we have been friends since elemenary school). Her and her boyfriend were in Arizona and driving to California and wanted to make a quick stop in Las Vegas. I haven't seen her since Christmas time of 2007, when I was back home. They got on Sunday, so we got them all settled in our guest room and took them to the strip. They really wanted to see a show, so we took them to see Carrot Top. We got buy one get one free tickets which was the best and good seats to boot. He was hilarious! O-M-G! By the time the show was over my stomach hurt and I had a sore throat. We played tour guide a little bit more until we called it a night. The next day they had to leave for the next part of their trip. We spent the morning catching up and reminiscing. It was nice seeing them and I hope they visit again.

06 July 2010

New Ottoman ...

4th of July my parents were over for a cookout and fireworks. We started talking how our coffee table is a little too small for our oversized furniture and how we wanted to replace it with an ottoman. So the very next day, my dad calls me and says he found exactly what we wanted. He sent me the information and called the lady. About an hour later my parents picked me up and we traveled across town to take a look. It was in perfect condition. Black leather and four storage units. Each top can be a hard wood or padded leather. We got it for a steal, I love finding a deal.

03 July 2010

Happy 4th ...

Happy Indeendance day everyone! So happy to have my family over for a BBQ the 4th of July. We are having of course a traditonal day with hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit salad, margaritas and our own fun fireworks. I even had time to make yummy USA flag cupcakes. Unfortuntly ytwo didn't make it, thanks to Justin. Still not sure how they just magicaly ended up in his stomach. We have the perfect view from our backyard of Aliante Station and we will have a front view of the spectacular. We always seem to make such fun memories.

Firework pictures aren't the best. Still trying to figure out how to use my fancy dslr camera. Defiantly a work in progress.