31 August 2010

Turtlehead Peak ...

We wanted to take a challenge today, so we decided to try turtlehead peak. It's five miles round trip and marked strenuous. Not sure if it was such a good idea, cause that was a hard trail. If you can even call parts a trail. I'm not sure if we even followed the right path. It's a 2,075 feet elevation gain. With very rough, loose rock, steep falls, and many confusing side paths, with no distinct signage or main trail to follow. Towards the end you literally have to climb and calculate your next move. I don't think we made it all the way, but we did make it to one top. Maybe we will try it again, after a little research on the trail.

Click picture to see where we made it to.

30 August 2010

Willow Springs Loop ...

We took the dogs this time hiking at red rock. We hit up the willow springs loop. There is a little spring in the middle with some running water. Up past the spring more into the mountains there usually is a little waterfall and water tank, but since it is summer it's all dried up. The dogs loved it.

Oak Creek Canyon ...

After willow springs loop we took the dogs to oak creek canyon. It was a long boring hike with nothing much to see. Good thing because my camera died only after one picture.

Good thing I had my phone.

^start of the trail

^going back

29 August 2010

Waffles Cafe ...

Tonight Jusin, my parents, and I tried the new Waffles Cafe right by our house in Aliante. I have to say it's one of my favorite restraunt now. It is delicious! I ordered the cherry blossom and it was a chocolate waffle, with cherry pie filling, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. It was amazing! She made my waffle a little crispy on the sides, but wasn't bad at all, but she felt bad. So she made us a banana split waffle for desert. It was one of their oringinal waffles with vanilla ice cream, bananas, sprinkles, shaved almonds, and chocolate sauce, mmm! I have to recomend this place to everyone, please just try it once.

P.S. They even have waffle pizza, I'm defiantly trying it next time.

25 August 2010

2nd Wedding Anniversary ...

Justin planned a wonderful anniversary for us. We celebrated two wonderful years on Tuesday, but we started celebrating Monday. Monday morning Justin had a meeting at work, so after work he came home a little sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he went to Costco and they didn't have anymore giant teddy bears. A few weeks ago we were there and they had giant teddy bears and I made a comment that I wanted one. So Justin was going to get me one for our cotton anniversary. He had to come up with a plan B, and plan B was taking me to Tiffany & Company to pick out my gift. I was disapointed there was no giant cotton teddy bear, but I sure do love Tiffanys. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to our terrace suite at the MGM. It's the same suite we had our wedding night, pre-honeymoon. I love it cause it has a large balcony with a jacuzzi on it.

That night we had friends come over for a little celebration party. It was a fun time that ran throught the night and next morning.

Tuesday morning we ordered breakfast from room service (one of my favorite things) and then headed down to the pool where we had a cabana. Our friends Clarence and Natalie had one too right next to us. We had friends come down again and enjoy the pool and sun. It was perfect weather. We were right on the river and defiantly enjoyed floating around the river with our yummy drinks.

That night we had dinner at Nobhill, it was amazing. We had fondue as an appetizer, Justin had a giant fillet as his main course and I had a lobster pot pie. The lobster was HUGE, it was literaly over a foot long, and so delicious! Desert was yummy yummy banana bread pudding with chocolate sauce. We literaly had to roll ourselves up back to our room.

Wednesday morning we ordered room service again and jusy relaxed until our late checkout. We even saw a window washer across the way at the New York New York.

15 August 2010

Finally Accepted ...

The bank finally accepted our offer for a town house we want to invest in and rent out. After over four long months, they accepted our cash offer of $75,000. It was listed for $88,000, but we took a chance and offered low. We will be closing next month :) but I am not looking forward to writing that check.

10 August 2010

Calico Basin ...

We had a slump in hiking and haven't been keeping up with it latley, so today we decided we needed to get back into it. We renewed our Red Rock Annual Pass and headed to Calico Basin. We have set a goal to hit each trail, one a week. It was slightly breezy and only mildy hot, which made it almost perfect. The basin was empty so we climbed down into it and back up the other side. We made it to the top and saw for miles. It was a little hazey, but you could see the strip and city down below. This is my kind of workout. I can't do the gym or excerice videos, but I could hike for hours.

09 August 2010

B-Boy Championship ...

Last Saturday night Justin got three free tickets to go see the B-Boy Championship. He really wanted to go, so I asked if Shanna wanted to come with. The whole night Justin was telling people that he had to be fair and not play favorites. And that's why he brought his girlfriend and wife along. I can't people actually believed us and one usher asked if we were mormon. Which Justin replied, "No but if I was they both would be my wife." Another usher replied "Lucky man." lol it was a doozey of a night.

The break dancing was pretty cool. There was no one there, so right before it started they let people sit where ever they wanted. We got the front row just above the floor seats dead center to the stage. We had a perfect view. Russia ended up taking 1st then USA in 2nd and Japan in 3rd.

Right after intermission the Jabbawockeez performed and they are amazing. They defiantly made the high point of the night. I can't wait for them to come back later this month and perform in the Hollywood Theater.

08 August 2010

Unbelievable % ...

So I have been doing my reading on TTC and feel like I'm on over load. So my BMI (Body Mass Index) is 16, and anything under 18 is considered underweight. I've learned that if you are under 18 you have a 72% chance of having a miscarriage after becoming pregnant. I don't know about you all out there, but that number is so high. My diet and lifestyle has changed into BM (Baby Making) mode. By the end of the month I'm cutting out alcohol, caffeine except my one cup of coffee in the morning, sushi, hot tubbing, and ect ... Basically cutting out stuff I love and gaining weight that I can't gain. Cross your fingers :)

03 August 2010

Signs & Plates ...

Justin likes to collect license plates and street signs. We have a number of old and new collected and from my parents. You find them once in awhile at garage sales and antique malls. We were both off Monday and I wasn't feeling well so we just stayed in and relaxed and put up some signs in the garage that we had piled up.

02 August 2010

Welcome Baby Brayden ...

Congradulations Kristine & Mike
Brayden Michael Delillo
July 29th 2010

He is perfect!