08 April 2011

CC Fair & Rodeo ...

Yesterday Justin and I planned for us to go to the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale. Unfortunatly it was super windy. Good thing there was a lot of exhibits in barns and other buildings. We saw the cows, pigs, and the rest of Old Macdonald's Farms.

We soon became hungry and really wanted some good old country cooking, so we headed to Mesquite, hoping to find the right restraunt. Five minutes into the drive I remembered that there was a Cracker Barrel in St. George. What other resaraunt would be any more perfect? So we headed past Mesquite, into Arizona, and then into Utah.

After lunch/dinner, we roamed and explored St. George a bit. It's defiantly a very pretty city. We then headed back to Logandale for the rodeo. I think Justin may have been a cowboy in his past life. He just has the best time watching all the bucking and roping.

The clown was even a stunt man too !