24 June 2012

Mickey Mouse Apples ...

Yesterday my girlfriend Alyssa came over for lunch and to make Disneyland's yummy Mickey Mouse caramel apples. This is one item I always have to get whenever we make a trip to Disneyland.

Step 1: Piercing the granny smith apples with sticks.

Step 2: Melt caramel and dip apples fully. Two marshmellows glued with icing makes the ears.

Step 3: After caramel cools, dip full apple and ears in melted chocolate.

Step 4: Let chocolate cool, then spread vanilla icing on bottom half of apples and cover with red sprinkles. Place two yellow M&Ms to makes the bottons on Mickey Mouse's trousers.

A spread out cupcake liner makes the perfect holder to a single Mickey Mouse apple.