10 September 2011

Carlsbad ...

We drove down to Carlsbad on Wednesday to meet our cousins Sean, Marsha and little Loryn. They have been vacationing down from Alaska and we couldn't pass up going to see them. They suggested Carlsband Inn Beach Resort, it was right on the water and had so many ameneties. Complimentary towel, chair, umbrella, bike, boogie board rentals. They always had fresh refreshments out in the lobby and had a gread pool area with a grill, yard, lounge chairs, and firepits. They even made little towel pets just like on our honeymoon.

Our first night Sean brought over there surf boards and we walked down to the beach. The boys went first and then I adventured out. Nothing was really coming in until a nice wave approached and I paddled as hard as I could of and rode the wave in. Until it decided to push be forward and crash right ontop of me. I went under the board popped up, slingshot back at me and then all I knew I was sitting right on the beach. I felt fine, just a little shooken up. I walked back to the beach and started peeling my wetsuite off until I saw a quarter size gash in the dent of my elbow and just bleeding everywhere. While back in the room Justin cleaned me up and bandaged me up. My wound contined to bleed, swoll, and bruise for a good two days.

The boys surfed the following morning while Marsha and I played with Loryn on the beach.

The rest of our time just consisted of eating, relaxing, hanging out, and taking Loryn to parks. It was a nice time relaxing with family.