10 September 2011

Blackout ...

While we were in Carlsbad, we got stuck in the big black out that occured in Arizona, California, and Mexico. The boys went surfing that morning, we went back to the hotel, showered and then adventured out for a bit. When we started to head back to our hotel we noticed all of the stop lights weren't working. We then pulled into the hotels underground parking and there was not one light on, pitch black! We walked to the hotels entrance and a hotel employee was holding flash lights and a big lantern. She informed us that there was a massive power outage that was sproud throughout Southern California.

We than came to learn that we were part of the 5 million people without power! We were stuck! All shops and restaraunts were closed, nothing was opened. Lucky enough our cousins were staying with friends and they invited us over for a candlelit cookout. Their neighbors came over as well, and we had ourselves a little blackout party. Only downfall was that we missed the Packer game. Sean and I kept checking our phones for the score and play by play, while trying not to lose all of our battery life. Who knew a blackout would be so much fun, we defiantly made lemons into lemonaid.

Late that evening we headed back to our pitch black hotel and tried to find our way through the glowstick forrest we had of a hallway.