25 September 2011

27 Candles ...

Dear 27 candles; bring on the late 20s!

I had a really good birthday considering I was rushed to the ER five days earlier by ambulance. And being put on three different medications. (Thank goodness for our awesome health insurance) Justin still managed to make my birthday special.

I bought this style purse for my sister two christmases ago and always loved it with the giant coin purse in the middle. Justin surprised me with the brown version the morning of my birthday.

The girls at work decorated our host desk area and bought me a starbucks gift card, breakfast, a homemade disney music cd, and a dozen cupcakes from the cupcakery. They look too good to eat!

For dinner Justin and I went to my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot. Its the best atmosphere for a nice romantic dinner. We always have such a fun time talking and fonduing our food.