27 August 2011

Vineyards & Wineries ...

While we were in California we spontaniously went to two wineries.

The first was Belle Marie. It was a small winery ontop of a hill that we saw from the freeway. Since it was our first we didn't know what to expect and we had nothing to compare it to, so we thought it was a nice place.

Our second winery was also a vineyard, so they grew and processed the grapes. It was so much more of a winery experience than Belle Marie. The tasting included 6 different wines of our choice.

The bartenders were very nice, personalble, and friendly. We shared laughs with them on behalf of Justins expense, since Justin isn't that into wine. It was in good fun and we all were laughing together when one of the bartenders brought three extra reds for him to try their "dryness". Justin asked if he was trying to kill him and the bartender laughed and said yes.

But Justin then fell in love with a port red dessert wine that we also got to try extra,which was paired with chocolate. We ended up leaving with three bottles and a pair of wine glasses (which we weren't suppost to get because of low inventory, but we were awesome customers).