03 August 2011

La Madres Trail Round 2 ...

Last time we tried doing La Madre trail, Jager got a boo boo, so we tried again on this set of days off.

We woke up nice and early, had some breakfast, and headed out in the hummer on the 4x4 road to the trail start.

We made it up to the springs where there was wildlife everywhere. Blue Jays, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Tadpoles, and oodles of bugs.

We tried finding the cabin and mine further up, but we had no luck. Back onto google looking at the aerial maps for next time.

On the way down we found a little gaurdian angel laying on the ground. We took it as a sign, since its only a couple days away from Marietta's birthday. I picked it up and secured it on my camera case.

After La Madre we continued on the Rocky Gap road up further into the canyon. The views were beautiful and peaceful, since no one else was up there.