15 April 2010

To Whom Ever It May Concern ...

To whomever it may concern, thank you for this life.

This life i live is truly an amazing one. Everything I do, everything I have is way beyond any kind of means I could imagine. I have everything I could want at his point of my life, and it all amazes me every day. I wish I could shout it out to the world how amazing everyone in my life is.

To my handsome husband: You are truly the light in my life. You treat me and make me feel like a princess every single day. You make sure i'm happy and always having a good day. I have never felt so comftorable with someone my entire life as when i'm with you.

To my family (old and new): I couldnt be the person I am today without any of you. You raised me up and gave me a extremely amazing childhood. i never went without and always had more than enough of anything. Our memories will fill my life forever. To you who welcomed me with wide open arms, you made me feel welcomed at once. You are my extra brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, and mom. I am so so lucky that I married into your loving family.

To my friends: Oh, how we have fun times. You guys make me laugh day in and day out at a drop of a hat. You help me through dilemas and are always there to talk to and let off some steam. You guys are a wonderful addition to my life.

And that is that, that could be that.