12 April 2010

Clark County Fair ...

So this past weekend was the Clark County Fair. Justin has never been, even though he has lived here his entire life. Me, I've been here 13 years, so long enought. But I have been to countless fairs in Wisconsin, so I had to share the experience with him. We spent the whole day there.

My favorite was the piglet races, I really want one, but only if they stay tiny forever. We had our picture taken with a eight week old piggy that swims, they took the picture from a poloroid so i have to scan it into the computer.

We took a stroll in all the barns, including the pigs. They have some of the most creative owners! But one of the best ones was MNM [my next meal] lol !

We bought tickets to the rodeo that evening and had 2nd row dead center [woo woo] Between the hypnosis show, the vendors, the animals, the food, the rodeo, and just everything else, we had a great day together. It made out for a pretty awesome date.