18 July 2009

Family Names ...

I have started justins side of my geneology tree, since i have gone so fare on my side (eight generations) I cant go any further on my moms side cause the church in Sweden that had all of the town records burnt to the ground many years ago. On my dads side i have traced it all the way back to Barthalamew Wallner. Here is a little bit of information i have collected on both family names.

Wallner originated in the German state of Bavaira. The surname is an occupational hereditary surname, a type of name that was taken fon a word describing the profession of the original bearer. It is a name for a powerful warrior or an army ruler. First found in bavaria, where the family made a considerable sontribution to the feudal society. The first individual bearer of the name to be mentioned in ancient chronicals was Hugo Wallner of Waldshut in the year 1298.

Hanson is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname that came from the baptismal name for the son of Hans. Baptismal names were sometimes given in honor of christian saints and other biblical figures. First found in Yorkshire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before Norman Conquest and he arrival of Duke William at Hastinfs in 1066.