26 June 2009

Mini Vacation ...

We decided to be spontaneous and take a trip to California. We both have never been to Santa Monica Pier, so we decided to start there. The weather was perfect and since it was the middle of the week there hardley was any traffic and the place was not very crowded.

We drive a short distance to Venice and Muscle Beach. There was many intresting characters and a guy, that may have lost a couple of marbles, with a pile of proken glass bottles. and of course it always seems that i get pulled in. (I have been on stage for a magic trick of david copperfield, hung a guy at the old nevada town, danced at the motown cafe, ect) I got to wear a cool yellow wrap, hang on to an empty bottle of booze, a plastic lizard, which his head was ductaped on, and dance with this crazy man. We even saw Kimbo Slice there. He walked right next to us, and man is he big.

We drove up to Malibu and Zuma beach. The clouds finally got burned off by the sun and there wasn't even a little puff of a cloud left. The beach was perfect there.We ended up in Huntington Beach where we watched the sunset, had dinner at rubys, enjoyed Main Street and spent the night.