22 May 2013

San Francisco ...

Justin and my dad took my mom and I on a belated Mother's Day trip to San Francisco. The weather was absolutly perfect the whole time we were there and Mary did so good with all the touristy things we did.

We landed early morning and headed straight to the wharf. We had lunch at a great old time diner at ghirardelli square and of course had a ice cream sunday at ghirardelli for dessert.

We then drove down to Chinatown to do a little shopping. Mary had a wet diaper right in the middle of our shopping adventure and there wasn't a bathroom that I really wanted to take her to to Justin held her while I changed her, standing on the sidewalkd.

The following day we planned on going to Sonoma for wine tasting. On the way we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge. I originally wanted to stop at Kirby's Cove, but we found out it was a dirt road leading down.

Driving into wine country we discovered a giant blue chair.
While in wine country we stopped at Bartholomew Winery (I picked this one because I have traced my ancestory back 13 generations and my ancestory's name was Bartholomew) St. Jean Chateau (We were recommended this one) Hook and Ladder (Justin picked this one because of the name) and Korbel Champaign (Who doesn't love champaign!)

The next day we had reservations to tour Alcatraz. It was a mighty warm day, so the sea breeze felt so nice.

After Alcatraz we had lunch and headed to the aquarium. Mary just loved watching all the fishies swim. We even found Nemo and friends!

Our final full day, we went to the Golden Gate Park. It's actually bigger than Central Park in New York City. We parked and explored around. We started at the Japanese Tea Garden, Then the Flower Conservatory, and ended with the Dutch Windmills.