05 February 2013

Post-Partum ...

I have been really blessed with how fast my delivery was (only 2 1/2 hours) and how fast my body bounced back. Of course right after birth I looked about five months pregnant and my belly felt all squishy. But it only took me ten days to get back to my pre-baby weight. I know i'm extremely lucky and I thank my lucky stars, but I can't get over some peoples reactions. Just a week after birth we were at Babies r us and the check out asked how old Mary was. She then looked me up and down and asked it I was the one who gave birth. Hinting like we adopted. Okay a little annoyed, but not too bad. I just smiled and said yes.

Fastforward to a week ago and we were visiting Justin's Grandfather in a physical therapy/rehab facility. On the way out we stopped by the nurses station to get a update on when he would be released. After talking to the discharge nurse she asked how old Mary was and her reply was so blunt, i'm sure my mouth hung open. "Is she adopted?" Just the idea of someone thinking that my baby girl wasn't mine infuriated me. I played a happy ha ha face and said no, I was lucky and my body just bounced back quickly. "Wow, lucky you" she said. with almost a disgusted face.

I just can't get over some people rudeness! They haver absolutly no filter in what comes out of their mouth. I can't imagine any new mother being okay with hearing that their baby is adopted. Maybe I'll just start walking around with a pillow under my shirt ;)