14 September 2012

Mary's Cherry Blossom Tree...

We've been going back and forth on what to put on the wall where the changing table sits in the nursery. A pictures, a mirror etc. I was secretly thinking of a cherry blossom tree, but didn't think Justin would like the idea, so I never brought it up. Then randomly one day Justin said, "what about a tree decal." Of course I thought it was a great idea, because I was thinking the same thing. We spent a little time online browsing tree decals until we found one on etsy we both liked. Ordered it and then the waiting game began.

Two weeks later our post lady rang the door bell with our package. A rather small package. Not big enough for our six foot tree. We opened it up and it was in a hundred different pieces. Seven pieces for the trunk and every leaf, flower, bird, butterfly had to be cut out and placed by hand. It took us about a hour and a half, it was a fun little project to do together.