13 October 2011

Couples Game Night ...

Wednesday Alyssa and I hosted a couples game night on our house. It consisted of spa and valet people. It seems these two departments mesh well together, since 4 spa girls have significant others in valet. Its like our own little posse lol. We made meatballs, crescent rolls, and an assorted cheese tray. The best was our sugar strawberry cookies and red velvet creamcheese cake balls covered in a chocolate shell. Mmm Mmm !

We had a total of 6 couples, including us, playing pictionary. It was probaly the funniest pictionary game ever. I can't even to begin to count how many times "What the hell is that?!" was said. It was a success cause there was no break ups or divorces. Maybe a few yelling matches, but it was all in good fun.

We even played a Battle of the Sexes game filled with the most random questions. The ladies asked girlie questions to the guys and the gents asked manly questions to the girls. In the end the best sex won, the females of course !