21 July 2011

IOU 2nd Wedding Anniversary ...

Last year for our 2nd wedding anniversary Justin planned on getting me a giant teddy bear, since the traditional gift was cotton. In his style he waiting for the day of, went to Costco the morning of and they were all sold out of their giant teddy bears that he saw there a few weeks prior. He took me to pick something out at Tiffany & Co. instead as a back up, i'm not complaining at any aspect at all.

So fast forward 11 months and we were at Costco doing a little shopping and right upfront are 53" cuddly teddy bears. I squeeled like a little girl and Justin said he owed me one. I picked out a handsome brown grizzly bear, that I soon named Gus. I must have been a sight to see on the way home, since he sat on my lap in the front seat.