24 December 2007

Engaged ...

On December 23rd 2007; I got off work about eightish and went home to finish packing. We were going to Wisconsin on December 25th for the holidays. I was about to go to bed and Justin called me (He was suppost to be at work) and says to meet him at the JW Marriot. We had a room there for the night. So I pull into the parking garage and Justin was waiting for me right there. We went up to the room together and there was red and pink rose petals everywhere, champaign, and he even made chocolate covered strawberries. He asked me if I wanted to order dinner or go for a walk. I opted for a walk in their pretty courtyard full of ponds, waterfalls, and palm trees. By this time it now was about midnight December 24th. We sat down on a double swing and he asked me if I could, would I change anything. I said no. He then replied, well I would change one thing ... I would make you my wife. He then got down on one knee and was holding my ring box in his hand. He thensaid those magic words, "will you marry me."
He had the ring for three months before he even asked me. He went the traditional route and asked my parents permission, well kinda. He called my dad asking them out to lunch so they could talk. And before he could say anything else my dad replied the answer is yes. We already know and the answer is yes.
On the plane ride to Wisconsin we picked our date; August 24th 2008. Because it fits perfectly in the middle of our birthdays. Justins is July 24th and mine is September 24th.